About us

Apadana Real Estate Agency Founded in 2005 to provide brokerages with a powerful marketing and referral program for listings is honored to provide foreigners from different nationalities and others who are looking for suitable accommodation with rental furnished and unfurnished apartments, villas, offices, conference halls, etc. An official contract is signed by both parties to make sure that your rights are going to be well-respected. Our well-experienced, multilingual skilled advisors are ready to offer you the best service in the shortest possible time.As a foreigner who has the first visit in Iran and specially Tehran you may have some issues with your essential needs such as accommodation and basic needs. We as a real Estate would proudly present our service toyou by our besteffort that is possible.You can find your desired temporary or permanently residential or office with us, we provide you short term or long term available apartments, House, office in Tehran mainly.Weprovideyou a decent tour with specialized agents. However, you are a part of this searching from the beginning in very first acquaintance. Basically your requirement is a must at first and you have a constructing role in our team.Following the advice of our realtors, you find it easier than expected. Before your arrival in Tehran by sending us email or contact us, so the main element is your comfort at the very beginning and the aim gained. Wedemand your satisfaction in every step.Apadana team is working based on trust, competency and valued profits. Following your request is our job and we lead you home.

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